Broken sliding rooftop

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Broken sliding rooftop

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Just got a second t3 caravelle last week. factory fitted electric windows, foglights in the second grill and it's best feature: the sliding rooftop. The problem is that the system is broken and currently can only be moved by hand and closed by jamming some welder's gloves in them. The previous owner told me that he thinks the problem might come from the sliding rails not by the cables themselves. I've read the Bentley manual on it and will pursue to get it out next week but parts seem to be scarce and little to no info on it.

does anyone have a working system for sale in Europe? I am from Romania, Transylvania. If not, where could I buy a new one? I didn't find any website yet that has all the parts available (rails, cables, gear).

Thank you!

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