Cab door seals...

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Cab door seals...

Post by silverbullet »

I was supposed to be fitting these today but the morning ran away and then it was too warm to be playing with glue.
So I trial fitted them "dry" and can barely shut the doors!
Where can I get seals that are the correct section and softness?
These came via Brickwerks, supposed to be best quality but they were glued on after paint job #1 and so are now used and non returnable...
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Re: Cab door seals...

Post by syncroandy »

The guy that used to be known for his top quality rubber seals was 'Volkswagen Emporium'. He often had a stand at shows, and I remember thinking his stuff was the real deal. Not sure it is now of course, as that was 5-10 years ago. I think the brand he sells is 'Vewib'.

PS. Yep. Check out his webshop. Seems refreshingly old-school and genuine. Fingers crossed the stuff is still what it used to be..
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Re: Cab door seals...

Post by Mocki »

Yes the OH fitted Brickwerks best quality on her camper , drivers door ok , but passenger door is reluctant to close easily ...  we did glue them on as we went tho 
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Re: Cab door seals...

Post by Jim San »

Mine are stubborn - we have found it easier to open window slightly to help - else its SLAM  -  and I always have to tell new passengers this.
had the van 6 years now and although its a bit easier, its still the same.

I also need to push the door slightly before pulling the release trigger as I feel it's under too much strain.

Don't know source of mine, were on when I bought it (German source I'd expect).

good thing is though - it's obviously very water tight and ideal for our 'river wading' adventures - just have to reach down and stick my fingers in and block those stupid holes in the foot step.  :rofl

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