Replacement Engine

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Replacement Engine

Post by randamonia »

My current DG engine is fried. I lost all the coolant on the M3 resulting in a very hot lump of scrap at the back where the engine should be.
So I am looking to source a decent, with warranty, reconditioned unit and have a few questions i'm pretty sure the collective here will answer easily.

1. Any advise of where to go and where to avoid please?

2. I was wondering if it is worth going for the 2.1 rather than direct replacement with another 1.9DG?  As I understand, the ancillaries from the current DG are interchangeable, correct? Any gotcha's i need to think about?

3. I am looking to get anything serviced that is worth doing at the same time while the lump is out.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Replacement Engine

Post by Mocki »

You need to speak to ajsimmo, aka Campershack .

I would go for the DJ as a replacement everytime, they work really well on the DG carb , and everything that bolts on the DG fits with out issue 
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Re: Replacement Engine

Post by R0B »

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Re: Replacement Engine

Post by JeffRoo »

I used thevwenginecompany very knowledgeable and fast turn round. Had the turnkey and that’s 2 year unlimited warranty. Never needed it and doesn’t miss a beat. Based around London

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Re: Replacement Engine

Post by mercrocker »

I've just run-in my VW Engine Co. turnkey DG.   Seems fine - initial worries I had about temp gauge reading high and possibly having to add coolant twice seem to have just been bedding-in and me not used to a cooling system actually working correctly..... 
The turnround was very quick and trouble-free, they seem very confident in what they are building/selling but it wasn't cheap.  IF there is a cheap option to do these engines properly I must have missed it during my year-long search for a decent builder. 
VWEC are now in Keston, not far from Biggin Hill.
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