Problem with Gas/petrol switch

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Problem with Gas/petrol switch

Post by Daisy »

Hi folks I went to start my van this morning  and it did start and run for a short period and then cut out and is refusing to start again .One thing I did notice was the Petrol / Gas switch lights that were initially on had now gone off and are refusing to come back on again, and I am guessing that there lies a clue as to what my problem maybe.

My Van is a 1986 with a 1.9 DG engine fitted with a OMVL variable mixture open loop LPG system.

I guess my problem could well be electrical but I would be really pleased if somebody on here could point me in the right direction please.

Maybe I should post this in electrical?

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Re: Problem with Gas/petrol switch

Post by weimarbus »

There should be an inline fuse in the ignition supply to the change over switch, if there are no lights this has maybe blown. if it has then neither the gas solenoid or petrol solenoid will operate, no fuel, no engine
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