help taps

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help taps

Post by pieman1 »

Right I am trying to get a tap valve out of the tap body it won’t move, I have tried heat / a hammer it just won’t move
Any ideas plz

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Re: help taps

Post by thebobster »

I had the same problem a couple of years ago. In the end I replaced the whole tap, it was easier. If you can't find a tap to match the other, change them both. If there is a plumber reading this thread, you may get better advice however.
Good luck with it though. :ok
Bob 8)

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Re: help taps

Post by dickybirdy »

if you have removed the cap on top of handle or taken screw from of the side of handle, you will need an adjustable to release brass nut, make sure water if turned off at mains. Should then just pull out if not it will be corroded so may need a little force to remove. If that fails get new tap
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Re: help taps

Post by what2do »

Try using the largest adjustable/Stinsons you can lay your hands on, these will offer you the required leverage - don't be tempted to bang them as a shock will more than likely result in a cracked basin. With applying a large force on the valve, you'll need to have something to hold the tap spout equally as firm to prevent the whole lot from rotating, (wrapped in cloth to prevent it from marking the chrome finish).

Hope the above makes sense.
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