1.7D (KY) Valve Clearance Adjustment

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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1.7D (KY) Valve Clearance Adjustment

Post by JimmysBob »

Hi All

OK our florence has a 1.7Ky in her and i went back and am in the process of documenting everything (services work etc) i can see she is up for a new timing belt and water pump soon, i can also see she had a rebuild about 1998 (i dont know if that's a good thing or a bad thing :shock: ), one thing i don't see is valve adjustment on any of the services

One thing i keep hearing about is "adjust valve clearances" on diesels, is this something i can do myself? im fairly handy with the spanners but its not something ive done, is there a good video / walk through of how to do this? people mention a special tool to help, can anyone point me in the direction of this tool? can anyone tell me if i will need shims? seems to be loads of information on petrol stuff but i would like some advise on diesel specifically, i did take a look at the wiki but it says more about the fact it should be done thank how to do it.

My goal is to get this little baby running sweet and in the best condition she can be for 12 / 18 months (probably more) whilst i collect bits (and budget) for a TDI install, before we had her she was used daily so she does run ok i just want to make sure i do everything it needs :)

Thanks in advance



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Re: 1.7D (KY) Valve Clearance Adjustment

Post by Timburrows »

Clearance cold is inlet 0.15-0.2 exhaust 0.35-0.4 mm.achieved by different thickness shims 26 sizes available put in number side away from the cam so it doesn't get warn off,yes there is a tool to push the bucket away from the cam,another option is measure and record the gap,remove the cam,check the size shims you have fitted,see by swapping a few to correct the gaps then get some more to fix the rest of the gaps,refit cam ,time up ,job done

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