Are you a 'Member' of club 80-90...or just a forum user?

Important club/forum news & announcements, stolen vehicles plus information for newcomers.
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Are you a 'Member' of club 80-90...or just a forum user?

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Please note these key facts about Club 80-90 and the way it all works.

1) Only a few of the forums can be viewed without a forum registration. This one (General Announcements and Info for Newcomers) as well as Syncro and Technical Questions can be viewed for instance, to give people a flavour of the forum content.

2) To view all the public forums as well as to Reply or Post something new yourself, you need to Register a username and password (Forum registration) using the blue Register link button at the top of the main page. Alternately, use this link Register as a forum user ... but please continue to read all these notes before you do!

3) Some forums are 'Private' to Full Club Members e.g. Members Only and Trips & Events. To view or Reply or Post to these, you need to 'Join the Club', which is done by filling in this web-form accurately and fully and Submitting it
When Mocki (Membership Admin) has processed it you will have access to the Members Only forums if you follow the instructions in the return 'Confirmation' email, which will contain your Club80-90 Member Number.

Please allow 48 hours for an email Reply - without an accurate (and reliable working) email address you will have to use a friend or family member's one, but is not advised. If you have applied for club membership before, you must say so in the first question - Yes/No

4) This 80-90 Membership gives you a unique 80-90 Membership Number and other benefits (discounts etc.), but is not necessary unless you would like to become part of a wider community and access those private forums. Please Register on the forums first though (Item 2, above) and please make a note of your forum username and password somewhere safe to avoid repetitive registrations.

NB. Forum Registration and Club Membership are two different things, as explained above items 2) and 3) respectively.
Please register on the forums as a user first to get a forum username and see a bit more of what we are about.
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