Diesel Timing

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Diesel Timing

Post by futbus »

I done a stupid thing before anyone else says anything i know what i`ve done. I was fitting an AAZ to the pickup, but had to change the glow plugs and belt, so i removed the gear off the pump after marking it against the back plate, then removed the pump from the block, fitted new glow plugs then started putting it all back together. Thats where the problems started. The pump is not adjustable on the fixings but on the pulley which has slotted bolts and no keyway.

So the question is how to set the pump to tdc? can this be done in the workshop or does this need a specialist to set for me.

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dial gauge plus adapter,screws in back of pump then find TDC.PS next time its easier to take injectors out plus pipes to change glow plugs,takes 15 mins.
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Post by Kermit »

This is the sort of tool you need to set the pump up correctly, if its in your price range email him first to check if it covers the Bosch VE pump.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FACOM-DEISEL-PUMP ... dZViewItem

Notice he's spelt Diesel wrong, so less people will be tracking it!

If you go down this route I can send you further links on the correct set-up and use of the tool.