subaru engine. Cluch confusion

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subaru engine. Cluch confusion

Post by bradders89 »

I have just bought a legacy 2.0 n/a to put in the back of the old wedge. Have been lookin on RJES website but am confused about clutches. Can i get a clutch that will fit i.e a subaru cluch with the spline to fit the vw gearbox. Or do i new to buy the input shaft? Anyone who has done the subaru conversion i would be very greatfull of any advise. Thanks

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Re: subaru engine. Cluch confusion

Post by dubbindaz »

You can use a subaru clutch with a 228mm vw clutch plate & you need a bigger bearing to fit in the subaru flywheel,Then it will fit a vw gearbox,or you can buy a modified spline Then you can use the full subaru clutch + plate etc.I have mine fitted with the vw clutch plate & its spot on.Rjes sells all you need & the quality of his stuff is A+.Hope this helps

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