VW V8 Project

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Re: VW V8 Project

Post by faggie »

i would have thought 0/60 around 7 seconds and top speed around 115/120 mph

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Re: VW V8 Project

Post by Dentedbrick »

Hi guys,
I am now the owner of this fine machine and its still going ok apart form 4th gear pops out sometimes [any help would be awesome}
I have done some mods to it,standard suspension,bigger tyres,power steering,middle windows removed and some other bits and bobs.
Currently changing wheels/tyres and gonna lower it a little now. We did one holiday in it last year to woolacombe {i live near stansted airport} and had a great time in it and driving it,was considering to sell it as I like Baja bugs and beach buggys,im still going to do the things to it i want .Anyway thanks Richard for the in depth rebuild and yes I still have the folder with a cd reguarding what you have done.
cheers all

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Re: VW V8 Project

Post by kevtherev »

I watched Richard build this.
He bought it to the club paddock at busfest. one year, it was a fabulous piece of engineering.

Good news that it's still going strong
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Re: VW V8 Project

Post by JamesKT25 »

Love to drag up an old thread, i do apologise, but i am in the midst of building one of these for myself. I dont suppose the clutch was ever identified, ive tried to read part number from the images but cant msake it out. Using my parts catalogue at work im struggling to identify a suitable option.

Thanks all!  :D :D
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