Subaru engine induction pipework

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Subaru engine induction pipework

Post by mshaw1980 »


So due to the noise of induction when engine is at approx 3-4k rpm when under load up hills the induction noise is horrendous. So have bought these from brickwerks, (diesel snorkel and silicon induction hose) but wondered if there are any suggestions for attaching the bottom of the oval induction hose to the standard subaru airbox which is just next to the rear left light void? Anyone knocked anything up before to keep the scooby quiet? :D
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Re: Subaru engine induction pipework

Post by Aidan »

you will need something like this in whatever diameter the rubber hose is and a length of hose to connect to the airbox, I can't remember what the diameter is exactly, 63mm rings a bell 


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Re: Subaru engine induction pipework

Post by syncroandy »

I have the Legacy 98> airbox, located in the LH rear corner. I just used the stock T3 diesel bus 'snorkel' parts (see ETKA T2SY 22-23):


I did a minor mod to the airbox sikkaflexing in a suitable piece harvested from elsewhere on the donor intake system (IIRC) to allow it to couple snugly to the 068129623E.
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