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by futurecut
16 Oct 2010, 13:48
Forum: Electrical & Instrumentation
Topic: no whirring, turns over, no spark = ignition coil dead
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Re: Bus wouldnt turn over, now does but no start - petrol pump?

If it either clunks and doesnt turn over or does nothing with the battery ok then i'd say starter/solenoid. Hit it with a big mallet. Check the earth straps. If it turns over but doesn't start it could be the connection on the fuel cutoff solenoid or fuel pump Sometimes it's just the battery is shag...
by futurecut
21 Mar 2010, 17:36
Forum: Campers
Topic: Home built interior units, ply or mdf???
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Re: Home built interior units, ply or mdf???

There is so much misinformation surrounding mdf. All wood dusts or any particulates for that matter are harmful. And there's no toluene in it, the agent of concern is a urea-formaldehyde binder which isn't more hazardous under normal usage than working hardwoods. It's just a question of using the ri...
by futurecut
27 Aug 2009, 21:24
Forum: Syncro
Topic: Biodiesel
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Re: Biodiesel

A couple of summers ago i did about 2000 miles in my t4 with a mech fuel pump on makro veg. It was 9quid for 20 litres then so worth it and it didn't do it any harm. Was a bit quieter but then you could never really call a 19td t4 quiet.
by futurecut
27 Aug 2009, 20:40
Forum: Syncro
Topic: Another e-bay
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Another e-bay

wot do all youse experts think about the goldy one on the now?

by futurecut
12 Jul 2009, 14:44
Forum: Campers
Topic: Fitting hi-top onto T25
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Re: Fitting hi-top onto T25

The foolproof method is to take an angle grinder with a flappy paddle and remove the paint from the external roof just inside where the roof will fit when its all lined up properly. Place the roof, get out, view and measure from all angles and when happy mix up a batch of grp filler paste and fill i...
by futurecut
13 Mar 2008, 19:33
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: knakered 1.9td engine in pickup
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if the turbos fooked it prob wouldnt pull that well or youd at least notice it.
by futurecut
13 Mar 2008, 19:30
Forum: Electrical & Instrumentation
Topic: Leisure battery
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Most of the lb's that fit under the seat are pretty small. Just fit a bigger better one somewhere else.
by futurecut
13 Mar 2008, 19:25
Forum: Bodywork, Seats & Glass
Topic: rust advice please!
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Cut out the rot and weld new metal. The only way that'll last. Sorry!
by futurecut
13 Mar 2008, 19:22
Forum: Any Other Matters
Topic: Should I buy this van?? Any help appreciated.
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Mate, i'm from glasgow too, recently sold my t3. Don't bother going. listen to syncrospares guy and get a later waterboxer. Better still a t4. Once these old buses get the tinworm it's a losing battle. Its a long way to go- your head will be wrecked by what ifs before you get there. My own opinion i...
by futurecut
13 Nov 2007, 22:38
Forum: Electrical & Instrumentation
Topic: Massive Battery Failure
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Corroded eart maybe? Or a short somewhere draining power intermittently.

Not all battery chargers are equal. Cheapies can't regenerate batteries.

CTek are good.
by futurecut
05 Oct 2007, 18:16
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: which diesel additive
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My t4 is absolutely loving the veg oil - no weepy pumps on mine. Am def considering going that route and buying a pre-heater.
by futurecut
29 Aug 2007, 20:30
Forum: Camping & Travelling
Topic: Split charge / fridge questions
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Second leisure battery charging circuit?
by futurecut
29 Aug 2007, 20:22
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: Coolant Problems
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It definately sounds like a cracked coolant level sensor. on a dg you might have to run the engine and throttle up on the cable cam on the carb to get sufficient pressure to find the coolant pissing out of the cracked sensor. Don't be shy. That's what happened to me anyway.
by futurecut
29 Aug 2007, 20:18
Forum: Bodywork, Seats & Glass
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kitchen sink blockage stuff??
by futurecut
29 Aug 2007, 20:16
Forum: Campers
Topic: ideas wanted: cheap way to heat my van through winter please
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Buy a new propex heatsource 2000 from eberbasto. It will retain it's value for many moons to come and really is the dogs bollox. Plus they only draw 1 amp when running and igniting whereas the ebers can draw up to 20a for the first few minutes as they have to heat a glow plug. Propexes are piezo (au...