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by Jimwileman
30 Aug 2020, 07:13
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: Steering column bushes
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Steering column bushes

Hi, has anyone replaced the two little steering column bushes, the two that sit half way down the column inside the van?
Will I need to remove the column to fit the new bush?
I have a 1981 2.0 air cooled microbus.
by Jimwileman
18 Aug 2020, 20:22
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: Vw t25 stalls after 5 mins
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Vw t25 stalls after 5 mins

HI everyone, I’ve gathered some really useful advice from the forum over the last few years, and hope you may be able help with an issue I’m having. We have a 1981 t25 microbus 2.0 air cooled, twin carbs. For the last 12 months it has started fine, but after about 3 minutes it will stall. It then st...