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by johnxl
18 Nov 2020, 11:08
Forum: Campers
Topic: Diesel heater repair
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Re: Diesel heater repair

You could look for an answer on the "Chinese diesel heater UK" group on Facebook

Or you could try Youtube
by johnxl
25 Oct 2020, 14:40
Forum: Electrical & Instrumentation
Topic: Chinese heater in place of eberspacher
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Re: Chinese heater in place of eberspacher

Yes it's doable, I'm half way through fitting one in mine. A 2kw heater just fits in the housing (FlowerW 2kw from Amazon). Will connect the original Ebersbacher hot and cold ducting but run the 60mm hot air duct up through the original 100mm duct. Cold air will come ...
by johnxl
24 Jun 2020, 21:51
Forum: Any Other Matters
Topic: T25 Youtube channels
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Re: T25 Youtube channels

Mustie1 loves his VWs. This is his resurrection of an 88 Westy. Loads of Beetle and split screen stuff with added motorbikes.
by johnxl
20 Apr 2020, 14:16
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: Gearbox problem- Molyslip rubber tubing in gearbox
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Re: Gearbox problem- Molyslip rubber tubing in gearbox

Can't help you but I followed your link to the camera and the second picture in the listing made me cringe, guy working with his head under the sill and the car on a small scissor jack. :oops: (shame there isn't a squashed hear emoji)

Stay safe
by johnxl
13 Aug 2019, 13:53
Forum: Bodywork, Seats & Glass
Topic: Pen / pencil sander?
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Re: Pen / pencil sander?

jrt wrote:Has anyone bought one of the Proxxon Sanders and if they have is it any good?

Proxxon have a good reputation in Germany. German quality.
I've not bought a sander but I have a spanner set and a couple of socket sets from Proxxon.

by johnxl
05 Jul 2019, 22:48
Forum: Electrical & Instrumentation
Topic: Odometer stopped working
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Re: Odometer stopped working

When replacing the speedo needle you'll see right on the edge of the speedo face at about half past six a tiny tiny white paint mark. the needle should be aligned with this, pushed home and then lifted carefully over the stop pin. I fixed my o...