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by MC_BN1
18 Jul 2017, 21:17
Forum: Wheels & Tyres
Topic: tyre preasure
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Re: tyre preasure

Hi. So if 185/R14C should be roughly 35-40psi front, 45-50psi rear, would 195/R14C be that too, or slightly higher? I'm well below that currently! Sorry to revive an old topic, I'm a newbie :mrgreen: I've got a 1983 Caravelle with nothing but a full width r&r bed in the back, but I will be addin...
by MC_BN1
08 Apr 2017, 12:34
Forum: Electrical & Instrumentation
Topic: Dash Pod Cluster swap from Early to Late
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Re: Dash Pod Cluster swap from Early to Late

To clean up the corrosion on the edge connectors try one of these: ... ncil-kr61r" onclick=";return false;
Gently remove the oxidation and get nice clean copper again.