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by mfw3670
20 Aug 2020, 14:46
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: Engine over revving when hot..
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Engine over revving when hot..

Hi. My engine seems to have acquired the habit of over revving when it’s hot. I can drive along the motorway at 60 happily but if I depress the clutch the revs stay high... it’s a bit like unwanted cruise control.. If I come off the motorway and slow down the only way to control the revs is with the...
by mfw3670
12 May 2019, 13:29
Forum: Electrical & Instrumentation
Topic: Fitting Golf steering wheel issues
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Re: Fitting Golf steering wheel issues

Small tip; I’ve a mk1 Passat wheel on mine, the bush was worn and would slip up the column resulting in excess play. With original wheel the bush sits with very little gap to the rear of the steering wheel so cannot slip far, with the Passat one there is around 5mm gap, is the golf the same? Anyway...